Please tell me the young lady is OK?! from what i heard was that a city truck ran the stop sighn and hit the young lady. this is right in front of the wild goose. thoughts and prayers are with her!

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I passed the site about 5 and the bike and truck are still there, police taped off. I hope she's ok.
My husband passed this while running, around 5:30.  Police, taped off, crushed bike by a stop sign and a big city (sanitation?) truck.  I hope to goodness that the person on the bike is not seriously injured.
Is that why it was taped off on that corner? I passed it around 5pm and the police still had it taped off- I was heading home so I really didn't take a close look at why it was taped off like that. My thoughts and prayers are with whoever was on the bike. I checked the breaking local news and can't seem to find anything about it, though. 


According to this article the lady ran the stop sign, and she's in critical condition :(

Looked pretty gruesome when I came across it just before the ambulance arrived. Gigantic streets and sanitation snow plow truck looked like the front tires actually went over the abdomen of the biker. Was blood everywhere. Looks like the bike was headed south on Lincoln and blew the stop sign at Cullom for a turn east on Cullom. The impact was definitely north of the intersection. So bike was taking a chance. Hope she is ok. But not sure how she could be based on what I saw.
Yikes. I live very close to that intersection and in fact crossed it on Cullom going east today at around 5 PM but I did not notice anything. However it happened, that intersection, and the nearby Cullom/Damen intersection, are not stop signs you want to blow, even if they are 4-way stops.
They only added the stop sign on Lincoln a few years ago, and that was before a pedestrian was killed near that intersection last year. That's a pretty tame intersection compared to others, and yet there have been several serious incidents there.

There was another crash today.

Woman riding northbound Halsted at Taylor. Right-hooked by truck driver (not sure if pickup or other). Share The Road ambassador told me that her head was fine but her leg seemed crushed. 

That's a terrible intersection, with many cyclists on Lincoln not even slowing for the stop sign (or doing a very bad job of timing to go with a car on its turn) and drivers often not looking at all for cross traffic--whether pedestrian, cycle or other cars--while rolling thru the stop. I have been part of several near misses when on Cullom and have witnessed many more. The curbcut for the Jewel parking lot just south of the intersection makes things even worse, as cars entering and exiting that parking lot are often somewhat careless.

A third of the drivers I see on the road are either playing with or talking on thier smart phones. I have had some close encounter with those.

The only person who knows what really happened is the girl in the hospital and the driver of the truck that hit her. I hope she recovers from this tragedy. I see both drivers and cyclists in the wrong all the time- all it takes is a combination of distracted driving and a cyclist rolling through a stop to cause serious injury. I don't know if that was the case here, but sometimes there is no blame that can really be assigned, nor does assigning blame solve the problem or stop what has already happened.

Each day, I see so many people driving like maniacs and I also see people cycling unsafely. The other day I witnessed a cyclist ride through a solid red light on Lincoln, almost get creamed by cross traffic who had the green light, and then he cursed and flipped off the drivers.  On the flipside of that, I had a taxi behind me, while I was waiting for the light to change to go straight, honking and almost pushing up on my rear tire, yelling that he wanted to turn right and I should get the hell out of his way. In both scenarios- people are just not thinking out there. 


Both drivers and cyclists talking on cell phones, or being distracted, trying to get somewhere as fast as they can, etc., especially on these warmer days, will lead to more accidents. All we can do as cyclists is try our best to keep ourselves safe as best we can. 


My only advice is for everyone to keep yourself safe, at least slow down and look before rolling through a stop sign if you don't normally stop, and just try to be careful out there.


Again, my thoughts and prayers are with the cyclist and may she make a good recovery. 

H3N3, I was not quoting the article as I had not read it at that point. I did not see the accident so I cannot say with 100% accuracy that the cyclist did in fact blow the stop sign, I should have added that I believe that both parties blew the stop. I was merely speculating based on the scene I saw.

A large streets and San truck does not have incredible acceleration nor does a bike. It is a four way stop. So technically nobody should have been going so fast as to not be able to avoid stopping unless both unfortunately were distracted, or did not stop.


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