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A kind, giving, and generous member of our community needs our help. Kristen Green, founder of Ghost Bikes Chicago has been there for so many. If you are able to, please help her with her overwhelming medical bills.

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thanks for sharing. geez - what a situation she found herself in! that rises to the level of college-philosophy-class-story-problem. she made a hard but kind choice, one that makes me proud to be a fellow cyclist.
Kristen Green, being seriously injured while biking is the grave-icing on a two layer cake of horrible biking news. In the time Kristen was hit, our biking community has grappled with the deaths of 2 members of our biking community.

Kristen was hit by a driver w/o legal status. Out of fear of deporting the driver & separating her from her family, Kristen let the driver go. Now she needs help paying hospital bills.

Kristen plays a critical role in our biking ecosystem. Please support her in this terrible time. The sooner we can get her up and running the better. We need her now, more than ever.



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