I was riding thru Elgin, along Bluff City Rd.. an unleashed dog ran from his owner and knocked me off my bike. Off duty cop was there in a minute, Ambulance ride and a CAT scan later, no broken bones and I still have all my teeth. My helmet cracked, my glasses were destroyed and Im banged up.  Anyhow, what's next. can i get my glasses replaced? Anything that I should take care of. I'm picking up the police report tomorrow. BTW the dog was okay.

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What I'd like to do is develop a checklist, for if someone is in a crash, they have some guidance.

Have you rebounded yet?

My nose has healed, I still have a dent in my leg from the boy bar. I still havent received a police report and I still havent ridden since. So physically I am doing okay,

Thanx for asking.


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