A ​93km air conditioned covered cycleway has been proposed for Dubai, with the planning firm behind the idea claiming it could make cycling and walking the main mode of transport for 80 per cent of the city’s 3 million residents by 2040.

It’s an ambitious aim, but Urb (link is external), the firm that has come up with the idea, believes that the infrastructure, which it has called The Loop, can help integrate cycling into Dubai’s public transport system as well as helping Dubai realise its 20-minute city ambition, enabling people to access shops and services on foot or by bike close to their homes.


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I have not been to Dubai, but my friends say that it is very hot there and there is no infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. I don’t know if this particular initiative will be useful, but the fact that people are thinking about it is already good

It reads as tokenism.


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