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I am shaking with sadness and anger and heartbreak for this child's family.

Trib article here.


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Heartbreaking story. My deepest sympathies to the family. I hope the driver is swiftly brought to justice if or when they find her.

Agree Gin.  Condolences to this child's family.




This is just a sad, sad reminder to continue to be vigilant when riding. Drivers are not paying attention.


And don't even get me started about the hit-and-run aspect of it all. That really pisses me off.

I added this to the Ghost Bikes Discussion. I always feel paralyzed and useless at the news of another fatality.

Terribly sad story.  My sympathy to her family and friends.  I hope the driver is caught and sentenced appropriately.

I agree with everyones' replies here so far. I think what would make this one more meaningful (in addition to the usual ghost bike process) would be to somehow involve children  (from kidical mass) to reach out to the friends, neighbors and peers of the victim and really offer support, encouragement and grieving during this incredibly painful time.




What kind of person hits a kid and drives away? How absolutely horrible. I hope they find her.

This story does not get any better:


Our best thoughts to her family and friends. Our crash response team will most likely be reaching out to local police and alderman.


Ethan Spotts, Active Trans

I agree that this is sickening Gin.  This "bully" of the road was driving a massive SUV and probably wouldn't have slowed down for speed bumps even if they were installed.  Perhaps they would have driven just as aggressively or even more so by attempting to swerve around them, fly over them while being even more out of control as the suspension on their giant off-road vehicle bounces over them,  or perhaps attempt to make up time by hammering down on the big V8 engine between the bumps to  before slamming on the brakes as they approach the next "traffic calming" speed bump.  


None of these aggressive behaviors (all of which I've personally seen on the street many times) around speed bumps make riding on the street any safer for an 8-year old on a bike -nor does it slow down the autos that want to go fast through these residential zones.   I agree that average/mean speed of all traffic  might go down with speed bumps -but the real problem drivers still do not drive any safer or slower.  The kind of person who doesn't even slow down or stop after driving over an 8-year old girl on a bicycle isn't going to be bothered to slow down for a mere speed bump in their way when behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle designed to soak such things up without much effort.

Now I feel even more enraged and saddened about this crash. Thanks for sharing that article, Ethan.

Yes for speed bumps on high-traffic/risk residential streets.


Distracted driving, which I feel is most likely what ended this 8-year's life, is not an accident.  Sun-Times writer Art Golab, who covered this story and used the term "accident" twice within it, needs to read his fellow staff writer's recent published Sun-Times article on the self-absorption of distracted driving.


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