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Thieves know its simple to break into any garage that they want.

Always lock your bikes up in the garage even if they are already inside the closed locked garage door. But . . .that will only delay the thieves a bit. Lock em' in the house . . . umm, to your bed, . . . uhh, maybe your ankle ?!  Nö ?! 

Reoccurring summertime garage bike thievery. 

More good crime reporting by

For the full article:

Reminder: When leaving, always check that your garage door is actually closed when you press the button. Day or night. I've seen plenty of doors open and notified the owners when people think they have closed them. 

Bicycle garage wall/floor anchoring devices.

Levitate wall mount bike rack for inside storage.  (3:25)watch. 

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What a lovely evening for a troll...

What a lovely evening for a troll...

Second City Cop ironically seems to prove the very things they set out to disabuse. They're this hateful Trumpian echo chamber.

They do, to their credit, sometimes point out good examples of wasted tax dollars. But they seem to imply that it's a uniquely democratic party issue. As if the republicans would magically solve all the ills of the Chicagoland area.

They also come off as very racist, with the typical refrains of "it's the blacks doing all the crime!" and "Go protest crime in your own community!" Which totally, and purposefully, misses the point. 

And definitely do not leave your bike in your backyard unlocked even if do have a HD video motion-sensing security system that enables you to watch the thief steal your bike in real-time.

Four years ago, I locked my Raleigh Twenty to my grill in my fenced in back yard near Rockwell & Logan. I was only planning on being inside for about thirty minutes. Someone came into the back yard, snapped the leg off the grill, then left within that timeframe.

FWIW: Looking at the link above, I bought a Master Lock brand floor/wall anchor on Amazon for $35. It was simple to install with concrete anchor screws, and works with a cable+lock to secure my bike in my garage. It's not 100% theft-proof; someone breaking into garages likely has the necessary tools to quickly cut through any bike lock, but it might be enough to deter them.

I keep my grill locked up on my rear patio with a similar setup. 

Thieves like nice things. And if you own nice things you need to keep them close to you, securely.

Theft is a crime of opportunity. Just don't give them one.


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