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60CM Milwaukee Bike Co Orange One Single Speed- $600

I have it listed on CL so here is the link:

Let me know if you have any questions.  Its a pretty sweet rig for the money.

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Just curious since we were talking about bike supply/demand in some other threads and the Craigslist space as well...  were you pretty happy with the price you ended up getting Dave? 

I had zero interest through CL.  The tentative sale and all interest comes from some online forums I regularly participate in.  I received the requisite CL scam email initially and one that seemed legit but that was all in weeks of posting.  Despite the "bike boom", which seems to be for entry level hybrids over all else, I had zero interest locally.  I know it wasn't a result of my price, which was a complete for much less than a frameset for a Waterford welded specimen.


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