4 Flats in 4 Months. Facebook group advice is useless. I want your advice.

My daily work commute takes me on both Halsted and Clyborn.  I've have 4 flats in 4 months.  2 front and 2 back.  I'm looking for something economical to help me.  I'm getting kinda tired of changing flats.  Tougher tubes? What brand? Mr. Tuffy tire liner was suggested.  I have a friend that is pushing me to go tubeless but he's a mountain bike guy and I'm an asphalt guy so I'm concerned about the ride quality and $$$.  I had someone on Facebook suggest that I split an inner tube open and wrap the new tube in that.  I've heard to use Duct tape inside the tire.  I was looking at the Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard City Tire, but the reviews said it had problems with punctures.  What do you folk's do?   Help me Chicago Bicycle Community!

This wasn't even my most recent flat.

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Swap the tire with another one and see if that makes a difference. I had flats almost weekly; a wire from the bead came out and poked the tube. I just threw the tire away and reploace it with another. No flats since.

Bridgestone claims to start producing a set of airless wheels to help prevent the scourge of flat tires in 2019. Not sure how well these will perform to regular tires. Perhaps there will be other players in the airless tires market to choose from if they take off.

Airless tires exist already!



Not my choice, but haven't ridden them either. Maybe they're great?

Yes, But these are "newer". Still have yet to try any of them. Maybe someone here has?

I will echo the Marathon chorus. 1 flat in 4 years, which just happened a few months ago. And I put many miles on them including cross state trips.

I never had a flat with Gatorskin tires. I’ve switched to Conti GP 4000s tires, and just change the occasional flat tire. Running a slightly lower tire pressure will help with ride comfort and also allow the tire to flex a bit more when encountering sharp objects, thus reducing how often they puncture.

By slightly lower, with 23s, I ride at 90-95psi instead of 100. Too low and you’ll encounter snake-bite pinch flats. Too high, and they’ll puncture instead of flex.


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