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It's a great way to kick off a new season of biking!

April 1 kicks off #30daysofbiking! Want to join The Chainlink for the challenge?

1. Sign up:

2. Share your pics/posts and include #30daysofChainlink on your posts on Instagram & Twitter

3. We'll regularly share photos of people participating in the challenge on The Chainlink's Instagram account

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Yasmeen, does one have to have a FB, Twitter and Instagram to participate?

No! You can post your pics on The Chainlink. I would LOVE that. Just add them to this thread so I can easily spot them. :-) 

Do you want me to post a link or upload all the photos on here?

Hi Fai! To keep it easy, please post one photo/day here. :-) 

April fool's day ride.

April 2


This answers the age long question: Why did the chickens cross the road.  Because it's raining outside.

Monday's recovery ride.

There was a sparrow flying in the tunnel right in front of me though you can't tell from the photo.  We raced the whole way.

beautiful photo

FTP Test.


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