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It's a great way to kick off a new season of biking!

April 1 kicks off #30daysofbiking! Want to join The Chainlink for the challenge?

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Short workout before IVW meeting.

Last night (day 11) - I rode to the FBC starting point, joined them for a few beers and headed back home. 

Wow!  That's sunset looked so vibrant with those clouds.

Day 13

No one needs to tell you how to get to Sesame Street! 

Been enjoying your pics.


Thanks.  It is becoming tough to pick 1 photo to post when I have a bunch of gems. :->

Day 14, a race against the storm.

Day 15, tax day except I'm out riding a 200K Brevet.

Day 16, Recovery ride.  Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend.

Day 15-- That is a crane in flight to the right of the stack.

Love the new photos! 

I've kept up in posting to Strava but today I didn't manage to get a photo. Here are a couple from yesterday's ride (Day 15). 

Here is a collage for Day 15 to better highlight the Brevet.



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