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It's a great way to kick off a new season of biking!

April 1 kicks off #30daysofbiking! Want to join The Chainlink for the challenge?

1. Sign up:

2. Share your pics/posts and include #30daysofChainlink on your posts on Instagram & Twitter

3. We'll regularly share photos of people participating in the challenge on The Chainlink's Instagram account

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I guess that's one way of looking at it.  The other way(my way) is cycling too much can cause burnout and fatigue.  Instead of having a sense of joy and relaxation, one would feel it's another daily chord that need to be completed even in inclement weather. :->

I haven't been doing a ton of miles like you have been. You've been killing it!

Just slowly increasing my miles. This year I decided I wasn't going to go crazy racking up miles but rather just enjoy riding my bike without pressure (but WITH tire pressure ;-) . 

I have several goals I want to reach this year, hence the high mileage.  1) 6000 outdoor miles.  2)Successfully complete the Horribly Hilly Double Metric in a reasonably time.  3) Successfully complete a 300K Brevet in a reasonably time.

That's awesome. Good for you! Hope you join our National Bike Challenge team (once it's all sorted out). :-)

Day 27.  My new tail light arrived in the mail today.  I was so excited to use it...150 lumen at work.

Day 28

Day 29.  heavy rain day.

Day 30.  The End!  Thanks for posting this challenge Yasmeen.  I would not like just ridden on days with light rain, cold and windy condition or outright super gust(27mph) if I didn't commit to this challenge.


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