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It's a great way to kick off a new season of biking!

April 1 kicks off #30daysofbiking! Want to join The Chainlink for the challenge?

1. Sign up:

2. Share your pics/posts and include #30daysofChainlink on your posts on Instagram & Twitter

3. We'll regularly share photos of people participating in the challenge on The Chainlink's Instagram account

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Day 17

Beautiful night for a ride for Day 18. I rode no-handed and felt like a kid again. :-)

Day 18.  Thanks for the reminder Yasmeen. :-D

Day 19

Day 20.  Yasmeen, here is the photo of the Illinois River from the bluff during the day as promised you from last Monday's Moonlight ride photo.

Day 21.  Got a theme going today.

Day 22.  Windy and chilly morning.

Day 23.  "Say hello to my little friend."

Day 24.

Day 25, wind tunnel day.

Day 26.  Thank goodness It's almost over.

I think there's a study about how much happier you are because you ride a bike. Then there's that other study about how biking can cut risks of cancer and heart disease by nearly half. With the 30 day challenge nearly over, I am definitely happier now than I was before it began and I'll credit it to saddle time. Nothing like riding a bike on a nice, warm spring night. So much happy. 



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