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Ok, it's my third year and I'm excited to embark on another #30daysofbiking for the month of April.

Who's joining me? Sign up/pledge at:

Come back and share your adventures, your miles, and of course, lots of pics!

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I've tried for 30 days the past two years, but did 24 days two years ago and just 22 last year. I have a good feeling about this year however. I can incorporate the rides into my training for a 100 mile, two day ride I'll be doing in June.


If I can ever get the darned thing out of my building.

Day 2! #30daysofbiking This was the fun, downhill portion of my ride. Luckily, not too much uphill but BIG payoff to ride down 18th. :-) Had a big smile on my face.


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