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So for those of us doing the century this Sunday we are going to meet at the corner of Lawrence/Ashland at 7:05 AM to ride down to Evanston at 7:15. I already warned one chainliner that I will still be in my pj biking gear at that hour . My cell is 773-965-3396 so call me if you decide last minute you are coming or not. We leave at 7:15 with or without you though... I may have snacks with me if you are nice (and hungry).

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I'll be up there a little earlier but I'll keep an eye out for you!
I'm going to do the metric century, but I am probably meeting a friend for a 6:30 start. If I can get myself going that early, that is! Is there a chainlink identification ritual, like gang signs or similar? I mean, we could make a CL with our hands but people might think we were throwing down for craigslist or something.
Leah, what is the Chainlink sign so we know how to recognize each other? Maybe a whistle?? We need Jerseys!!!!
I know, I was just thinking that. I actually have a chainlink t-shirt I made for the Swap and Hop, do you want it so you can wear it before the ride starts?
whoa i forgot about this ride. My cross tires got lost is the mail this week (thank you usps), so i can do this instead of the Jackson Park race. sweet. are all of you preregistered? i'll have to register at the ride.
A few of us from the Chicago Cycling Cub Wednesday night group are departing from the registration at 7:15 with the Turin group.
I've been trying to decide whether or not to do this, but I think I'm in! But, if we're riding to the start location, I may just opt for the metric century. I think the miles to/from the beginning may add up to a pretty nice distance. But then again, if all's going smoothly, maybe the entire century will get tackled.

In any event, I'll need to register at the event. Is everyone else pre-registered?
We should draw "CL" or "chain" "link" on our calves. Get to know each other in passing. (At least it won't be virtual!) I'll bring a marker.

I am, in fact, preregistered, but they are taking reservations tomorrow (up to 1600 riders). You might be able to still do it online. If you don't get around to pre-registering, I think you should come anyway (although I have no real experience with this ride).
I like the temp tattoo on our legs! what should it be so others starting earlier can do it to if they want??? CL or Chainlink??? I'm picking up a shirt from Leah tonight so I'll be wearing it at least from Lawrence to the start (may have to switch to a jersey for the actual ride.. and Jason, I am registered already.
Boo! I overslept (saw the sun peeking through the windows and freaked). I did the rookie maneuver of setting the clock for 6 PM instead of AM, then didn't get up until 7:40. Grrrrr.....

In any event, I hope everybody has a great ride today. I'm going to head up to the Botanic Gardens via the NBT at some point today. Gotta get in some 2-wheeled penance.
Got back about an hour ago and I feel exhausted and awesome.
I got a late start and decided on the metric century instead. Sorry I missed everyone! hope you have a good, safe ride! It was pretty foggy out in some of them parts!


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