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I bike to keep my weight in a healthy range, to commute and for recreation with friends.
independence, freedom, joy, fitness, identity.
to get paid!!!
and because fuck owning a car and all the baggage that comes with it. to bike is to be free.
and anyone who rides knows its as addicting as smack.
All of the above...and I realized that if I kept driving, I would probably end up killing myself, someone else or both. I've always hated driving (didn't get a license until 25) and I find it to be the most profoundly frustrating experience. I had that epiphany a couple of years ago, and have managed to put less than 100 miles on my car during that time.

Plus, biking is just so Goddamned FUN!!!!
Lots of reasons...

1) It's twice as fast as riding the CTA pretty much anywhere in the city
2) Keeps me healthy
3) Is pretty much totally addictive
4) It's just so damn fun! Right on Jason!
Why not?
i was programmed as a child

That looks like the bike Elliot rode to bring ET to his spaceship. ET Phone Home!

root said:
i was programmed as a child

Ah, that was such a great game.
Is that Paperboy? Sigh. Such memories....
I ride for all of the above, plus to challenge myself, to explore new places, to go as far and as fast as possible...

and to meet awesome people. everyone knows cyclists are just more interesting :)
I do it for the chicks.


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