Have to be out there on Saturday morning, would rather ride the bike than drive...

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Prarie Path goes there...rode it before to Aurora...good haul.
Thanks. Just took a look and that looks perfect. Now, anyone know the best way to get to Maywood from Chicago? I'm not too familiar with the West side... I know there must be a good way to get to Oak Park at least, and from there to Maywood ought to be relatively easy.

David Ray said:
Prarie Path goes there...rode it before to Aurora...good haul.
I've worked in Maywood for a while now and typically bike. The whole west side is somewhat dicey, but I've come to prefer Division to any other street. It's more commercial (even some new strip malls!) and there's more room for a bike than the "suggested" bike route Augusta. And so, it feels safer...especially if you maintain 15+ mph.

Once you get to Oak Park, you can stay on Division, but Augusta is usually better.

And Saturday morning the whole neighborhood should be relatively quiet.
Take the Blue Line out to the end of the line in Forest Park. Ride north to Madison, west to 1st Avenue, then south to the start of the Prairie Path trail. Around 1-2 miles, I think.
Very smooth riding - on weekends there are lots of everybody i.e. parents w/strollers, pedestrians, bicyclists - pretty scenic as well, rolling thru some quaint suburbs and nice houses that back right up to the path - path is wide enough for everyone - although be careful at the street crossings, you kind of come to them blinded.

M.A.R.K. said:
Report back if you take the prairie trail.. I want to ride it in from Crystal Lake in/or out to CL sometime soon this year and am very curious to know how nice the trail is.

Sat and Sunday morning through the westside and Maywood are quiet until about 11am. Any of the major East West streets will work well, little car traffic and less foot traffic. Once in May wood - on the trail watch for glass. Going West from there it is clear sailing. Very scenic and quite fun, but please watch at the street crossings they do open from a blind on to the street. When you get to RT59 there is a tunnel that you go under and a bridge soon after that. I work at the CarMax right behind that bridge. Ring your bell and if I can I'll wave ..... Have fun.
there's always ogden ave... if yer feelin' ballsy. it'll get you there but its not always the most bike friendly.

Take The 606 West until it ends at N Ridgeway. Take N Ridgeway north to Armitage and turn left onto Armitage heading west. Armitage will become Grand - continue going west until Laramie. Take a left onto Laramie and head south until you hit Augusta. At Augusta take a right and head west. Augusta at some point becomes the Grand Illinois Trail (follow Grand Illinois Trail for a while). Head west on Augusta until you hit Keystone. Take a left on Keystone and head south. While on Keystone you will head under a train viaduct and need to take a little jog to the left on the other side of the viaduct to continue on Keystone. While on Keystone, once you hit Washington take a right and head west. Continue on Washington until you hit S 5th Ave and take a left to head south. While heading south on S 5th Ave, once you pass Wilcox street watch for the Illinois Prairie Path and take a right onto the path and head west. The Illinois Prairie Path goes to the West Suburbs and branches off goint southwest to Aurora as well as other destination in the West Suburbs. More on the Illinois Prairie Path and maps to all destination the path has can be found here:  http://ipp.org/trail-maps/

NOTE: Be cautious of your surroundings and others while on S 5th Avenue in Maywood. I have never had a problem, but get nervous when passing through during late afternoon and early evening. Other times I have not felt nervous.

NOTE: The Illinois Prairie Path is paved through the first few suburbs and then turns to a crushed limestone trail. This trail is hard packed with very few soft spots - even after a rain. 


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