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We have a few threads here and there with introductions, but nothing organized. For this thread, post your picture, pics of your bikes, and a small blurb about yourself (favorite foods, commuting routes, etc).

yes, this was ripped off from chifg...

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^ Anne Alt's Univega ^ = hubba hubba
Hi, I'm Walt. I don't have any decent bike pictures of myself, so here's one from a rainy finish to a day of sailing:

During the week, I often ride from the near north 'burbs to the loop and back for work. You can catch me geared up like a total bike dork, usually with a high-viz reflective vest, helmet, lights, bell, fenders, rack, etc. Hey, but I enjoy the ride. My all-weather bike is a beater Schwinn converted to single speed. When the weather cooperates, I ride a Milwaukee Orange One FG.

On weekends, I'll range as far north as Mettawa. Slightly less dorky, as my weekend bike doesn't have a rack or bell. Yet.
to wow! outstanding. your incredible machines by far belittle my measely little bike canopy! jill
hi. my name is jill nerkowski. ahd a few technical difficulties and couldnt upload photos. but check out my crash video, others at site, and also my new blog post at and my website at
I sell design plans to build your own weatherproof bike canopy

Que Taco, Chad here from Palatine me and some of my toys. Me before I ate the chicken on SuperBowl Sunday this year.
bicycle greenhouse effect, by jill

Since 35 new people have joined here in 2 days, thought this could use a bump!
Hey there,

I'm Chris.

I ride this:

and also a khs flite 500 that has carried me faithfully for many a long haul ride.

I'm an historian (ancient/medieval), vegan, coffee junkie (I roast my own) and I bake and cook too often and too much for my own good, especially cupcakes. Right now I'm busy starting up a not for profit, perfecting my trackstands and preparing to finish up a dissertation. You should say hi. I have a pompadour most of the time.

this is me, surrounded by adoring students after I gave a lecture at pompeii, note my expression of distaste:

I'm organizing an april ride up to milwaukee. Check the thread out!
hey Joe...ridding out of pilsen/LV area...i like long cold wet rides and frozen feet...

im also a cook and enjoy the hell out of eating just about anything...currently riding an 80s gold univega. leaving right now to go look for a new frame....just need to get out of bed.

with about 30 new members in the last couple days, I thought I would give one of my favorite threads a BUMP!
I answer to: Jacob (and Jake)
After riding in Chicago all day, I look like:
Jacob Landing
I ride a Centurion (usually not leashed to a light pole):

OK Newbies...Speak up and keep this thread alive we like knowin' who are! ;-)

I'm evil gabe (a nice one is around here somewhere but i annoy him ;-) i ride my BMX on occasion ;-)

I Rode this until I got hit by an old bitch.

Now I ride this:

And it's a good time if I look like this ;-):


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