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I haven't but my wife was. Door opened in the parking lane on Belmont near Racine. Knocked her off her bike and into traffic, a car slammed its brakes an stopped just short of her (helmetted) head. She has a deep scar on her shoulder. E.T. said she was lucky, they've seen bikers go through the window of an opened car door before. I've always been most nervous when riding on Wells in the loop because of the big El supports.

Any stories? What % of us have actually been hit or injured?

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I got doored once, but got off virtually unscathed. I was knocked over on the outswing instead of T-boning it. Very lucky.

Dooring has got to be one of the most common accident modes in a urban environment like Chicago. I learned my lesson and don't get anywhere near the door zone when I'm hauling.
I forgot that I did have a close call on a reverse dooring incident from the left! I was in the bike lane on Lincoln paying attention to the parked cars when a taxi stopped in front of me and the passenger opened their door into the bike lane.
I was hit almost exactly a year ago. Someone blew a red light and nailed me doing about 35mph. The impact cracked off 3/4 of the top of my tibia, broke my fibula, shattered a bunch of cartilage, shredded my acl, and tore my medial collateral ligament. How's that for fun! I've only been on 2 short bike rides since and I long to return to my 20 - 30 miles a day life. But for right now paranoia pretty much sucks all the fun out of riding but I shall return!
I broke my collarbone trying to avoid being hit by a CTA bus last summer. And I did get doored once, but was out far enough that I just got hit in the shoulder by the very edge of the door. I think the lady who doored me was more shaken up than I was; I made sure she was OK then kept going. Lately I've been super-conscious of the possibility of being doored and I've tried to stay out of the "door zone" as much as I can. So I can't say I've really been injured being hit by a vehicle. So many close calls though!
I'd imagine a large number of us have been hit or doored at some point. My friends that ride are all fairly careful commuters; most have been hit. I was struck by a car making a late turn at the six corners at Irving Park and Milwaukee last year. There was a loud horn, and I looked to see the front of a blue sedan immediately to my left, then I was on the pavement. Being a stubborn fool I got up, shook myself off and walked my bike away from the accident insisting that I was fine. It was a bit later I realized my frame was bent and my front teeth were chipped. The driver turned out to be a gentleman who parked his car, followed me up Irving Park and stopped me, insisting that I was clearly not all right and asking what he could do to help. He gave me money for a new bike, and it was his idea to recompense. The whole affair made me a bit more timid a rider, but also showed the perhaps counterintuitive benefit of getting up with a cool head after a crash, rather than coming out swinging - though I certainly wouldn't recommend blindly leaving the scene of a crash...
I agree. It is a frightening observation that it's not if we'll get him but rather how severe will it be...

Ed Holiday said:
I'd imagine a large number of us have been hit or doored at some point.
Last June, I luckily avoided a dooring; but in that split-second of uncertainty afterward, I rammed right into a parked car, shattering its taillight, leaving me with a smashed-up bike and horribly swollen wrist. In retrospect, I think I pretty much did everything wrong--didn't go to a hospital, called the doorer's insurance co. on my own without any kind of legal counsel, etc.--But it all worked out in the end. The guy's insurance company FINALLY paid off after many, many months (I seriously expected to get nothing!), and I was able to transfer most of the old bike's parts on to what now is my dream bike.

Long story short, I now maintain mad vigilance in the streets, and can't bring myself to hotshot and haul a$$ like I used to. But it's certainly kept me on one piece! Just be careful out there, everyone.
i have been hit twice. the first time was a hit and run. an old dude in a dodge stratus passed me on the left and then turned right in front of me. my bike was beaten up i was ok....a little road rash. the second time was worse. a guy in a no parking zone doored me with his jeep cherokee. i flew over my handle bars and his door. he had problems closing it. serves him right. my neck has never been the same and i am a physical therapist!!! i had more significant riding changes since then. always try and keep my distance. chicago drivers just don't get it. ride safely!!!!
I've been doored twice, once from the right, once from the left. The time from the right, I was going about 18 on Division and was dealing with some traffic situations ahead, like a bus or something else, and a door just barely clipped my right pedal. I flew straight forward and had some scrapes. My crank was unusable, though, because it got bent. It was my first time, so I was able to get the woman's number, but it also turned out to be unusable. Always get a plate#.
The second time, I was coming up Milwaukee and passing a line of cars waiting at the 6-corners light. Some guy and his date got out of a taxi and I slammed on my brakes but had nowhere to go. Only my cheap-ass front wheel became unusable. Anyone know what the law says about that? Is it the taxi's fault or the customer's? I also didn't have a light (at night) and didn't want to get involved with a legal mess.
I was doored last year up near Loyola, I had a car on my left that kept me toward the inside of the bike lane.... and I was already upset that he was using part of the segregated bike lane looking for parking when a door FLEW open in front of me. I slammed on my brakes and just about went up on my front wheel.. I broke my pedal getting my feet on the ground and smashed into the door with my left arm and put my right arm on her roof. I look down and its this 80 year old Italian woman "Whaz amada wit you"

This year I have had two rusty junkers turn infront of me.... but I hit them and rolled off with out breaking anything except some skin. I hope one day to wreck my bike under an expensive car so they can give me a handfull of cash (JK)
I nearly got doored on my way home today. I was going along fairly quickly but super-alert, between a line of parked cars and a line of cars stopped in traffic, northbound on Lincoln Avenue just south of Irving Park. Suddenly an SUV door opened RIGHT in front of me, less than a car length. I hit my brakes, skidded, fishtailed a little, and somehow managed to whip around the edge of the door without hitting the cars in traffic or wiping out.

I got to a safe place where I wouldn't interfere with the other cyclists coming by--'cause I had several behind me--and I stopped, turned around, and said to the SUV guy "HEY! Use your mirror!" 'Cause seriously it takes what, half a second to check the mirror before opening your door? But when I looked, the guy was crouching down behind his door.

I waited a few seconds--I like to make eye contact with people when I'm scolding them--but he just stayed there, crouched behind his door, hiding from me. I yelled "USE YOUR MIRROR!" again and then rode off. But seriously, WTF? You can't stand up and admit that you made a mistake, you have to HIDE from the guy you nearly splattered? What an asshole.
So what do you do after being in an accident? I've been in two. and afterwards i was so shaken up i forgot to do things like get things like plate #s, phone numbers, and what really screwed me; contact info from witnesses.

The other day i stopped to help a cyclist who had just been in an accident. I urged him to get witness info, driver info etc, but he was really shaken up and needed medical attention. Also he was saying it was his fault. I think its important to remember not to admit fault at the scene of an accident. otherwise it could come back to haunt you when working with an insurance co.


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