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Everything used and cheap but still working. Really, it needs to work.

1) 31.8 front Derailleur. 105, Ultegra or DA. Don't matter. DOUBLE. USED. WORKS. 9 speed please.

2) 31.8 Bars. 44 O-T-O or 42 C-T-C. ergo would be nice but not necessary (apparently ergo on a CX bike is non-pro) black pref but whatever.

3) 27.2 NO SETBACK seatpost black pref.

4) 109.5 octalink B.B. Ultegra or DA. (Ultegra preferred because it has more seals than DA and won't rust away in the muddy grime that is winter)

5) Cleats for shimano 858 pedals. These are effin hard to find!!!

Shoot me an email false(dot)aesthetic((AT))gmail


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