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I just saw this in The Guardian;

My condolences to the victim's families. And hopes for speedy recoveries to the injured.

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Terrible.Trying to pass other cars in the bike lane.

Another bike lane?   I wonder if those cyclists would have sought out a safer, quieter street to ride on at 8pm on Saturday night during Mardi Gras if there had been no bike lane to lure them to ride there. 

Sorry folks, not to blame the victims, but I think this is another example of the false sense of security that bike lanes represent to inexperienced cyclists.

A detailed view of the street where the crash occurred.  Manipulate to 'Street View' to see wide bike lane, narrow traffic lane, and ample parking lane.,-90.0736228,3a,60y,320.25h,...!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seyWtPuQihh7paj07DEE4_g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Christ you're an a-hole.

People were injured and killed by an impaired driver operating his vehicle where it should not have been and you want to make it about some idiotic crusade against bike lanes?

Get a life.

No sh*t. clp is a 1st class douchebag.

Hi Dougie!   I HAVE a life!  Just pissing you off yesterday 'made my day.'

Yes I posted my opinion: I think Bike Lanes are dangerous.  And this is a perfect example of WHY they are dangerous.  At least I don't stoop to personal attacks on people who don't agree with me.

I didn't know these 9 people; neither did you.  Why do you feel so personally offended?  Are you similarly offended by the plight of the immigrants on our southern borders, the Rohingya in Burma, and the victims of the tornado in Arkansas?  Spare me your phony grieving and wailing.

Yes, as Bike Lanes continue to cause injuries and deaths I think it is appropriate to point that out.  John Forester was right: bike lanes were created by the car industry to get us out of their way.  Sorry. 

But I'm not going to call you an 'a-hole' or a 'douchebag' for your support of them.

I don't support them and I dislike them.

But there is a time ad a place for that discussion and a much better way to bring it up.

But you don't understand that because you're an a-hole.

clp, you're such a massive twat.

The driver was drunk, speeding, and drove into the area of the street that just happened to have bike lanes painted on the pavement. If the bike lane wasn't there, as you've suggested untold times, the cyclists would have still been there, and they would still have been hit. The bike lanes were not a contributing factor.

If I recall correctly, the fatalities in Chicago last year were all in areas without dedicated bike lanes. By you're twisted logic they shouldn't have happened because nothing bad ever happens outside a bike lane. Seriously, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I was sleeping, when suddenly I awoke to some strange noise. My girlfriend was screaming from the living room.

A bike lane was staring through the front room's window. It was so terrifying because BIKE LANES ARE INSANITY AND ARE SO DANGEROUS - STOP THE BIKE LANE INFESTATION! BIKE LANES ARE AIDS! BIKE LANES ARE AUTISM...

clp, yes, you are a class act pansy who hides behind the screen. Rants about how bike lanes are dangerous, and I think you're just a pussy.

Ok, I was laughing at the first 2 paragraphs. You lost me with pansy and pussy. Pansy is questioning masculinity (as if women are less strong than men) and pussy is saying the same thing. Let's not use language like that. It's sexist. As I woman, I will say women are strong. Quite strong. One wishes to be a pussy because whether a cat or a derogatory word for a woman, either are strong and you should be so lucky. I am a woman and you don't see me hiding behind my keyboard. :-/

Yasmeen, I apologize. 

I was being derogatory to clp. 


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