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One of which was me, the other was our very own Lauren. Send her your blessings, her bike was totalled and she ended up with stitches.

I at another time, the same day, was hit head on on Franklin and Ontario. My bike is ok, no bones broken, just muscle spasms. The man who hit me asked me if I was ok, I told him "I think I need to go to the hospital" he said "sorry about that" and drove off. I couldn't see straight because my head was spinning so I didn't catch a plate number. I was going on my side of the street on the green light. Wasn't breaking any laws this time around.

The man hit me so hard I rolled on top of his hood and face planted his windshield. I went to the emergency room and got painkillers (which barely work).

Be careful people, accidents happen anytime. Even in broad daylight like mine.

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Something about the Marauders this week. We are all falling down like dominos.
Go figure, its when we are all sober too.
I am really sore by the way, since my accident I've still commuted by bike, did about 35 miles so far since my hit It hurts to ride, but I'm not letting anything stop me.
Hope you both heal quickly. I'm just about done healing from a separated shoulder myself- driver pulled out in front of me at the beginning of July. He had a stop sign, I didn't. I haven't been able to ride at all- was in a sling for a few weeks to immobilize the shoulder. Luckily my shoulder took the impact, and my bike is mostly okay. Just replacing the fork for safety's sake- it looked a tad bent.

Sorry to hear about this Ammo and Lauren. Hope the both of you get better soon.

Hey Ammo & Lauren,

I am so sorry to hear about your accidents. I pray that you will both recover soon. I know you girls are tough and would not let pain keep you from riding. It is funny that the times I've hear of the MM gang getting hurt they were sober...go figure. I am just glad that you are bold fine and on the mend. Please be safe and I'm looking forward to seeing you both soon!

i kind of like them the way they are now--i may just ogle the pix for a while

cutifly said:
Why are you showing your tits ? I'd prefer to see them when you get knocked up or your 80 years old.
I was upset by this, i almost started a fight yesterday with a euro trash jerk in a BMW. But, then decided to let it go. Tried to message you girls...hope you heal quick.
Ammo - It really stinks that the jerk and the witnesses left you. I hope you don't suffer any significant long-term effects.

Lauren - I'm very glad that your driver was decent about it and that insurance will help pay for your medical and dental bills and a new bike.

Wishing you both as speedy a recovery as possible.
How horrible that the guy took off!

I read that if you're not sure of your condition after being hit, (and you often can't know until the next day) to immediately sit then lay down in the street and ask for an ambulance. To fight our first impulse to stand up and appear fine. (In this case, you even made it perfectly clear, despite spinning head, that you needed help!) Just that body down there on ground makes the strong statement that you need help now and folks should not walk away. If he HAD left while you were laying on the ground, who knows, maybe a witness might have taken his plate. What a jerk.
I know, my body is healing fast. I've been riding everyday since the accident. I think my bike needs a bit of a tune well as myself =)
I know of 5 cyclists sent to Chicago hospitals in July. Cars, cyclists, punks and potholes were at fault but the rider always loses. Lauren and Ammo, we all like Cliff, but this copycat victim stuff is not working for you. Recover comfortably and quickly!
good news of my healing: after nearly 5 days, i can whistle again!


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