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At 8:29pm on September 17, 2016, Stephanie Sandhusen said…

Hi Julie Are you going to do the Apple Cider next Sunday in MI ?   I went last year and rode 55 miles.  It is very beautiful.  I am looking to car pool with someone and can pitch in for gas.  Do you know of anyone who may be going ?  If so, can you please email me   It is the 25th - next Sunday.

At 8:48pm on April 29, 2015, Stephanie Sandhusen said…

Hi Julie.  I am going to cycle the Horsey 100 event in KY this memorial day weekend.  It is a 5 hour drive.  Very beautiful country side.  You have the option of cycling 35, 50, 75. or 100.   Interested in going !  Check it out on line, and let me know.    Stephanie

At 3:23am on March 12, 2015, Haddon said…


In long projects that extend beyond one persons (or two peoples) tenure one of the most important decisions is to make sure the next person to carry the torch is up to the task. In this with Yasmeen you 'picked good', she's proactive and involved and will hopefully carry on making the lives of Chicago cyclists better just as you did.  Thank You.

Congratulations on the baby, ten fingers and ten toes and built in toe clips is all it takes.

Thanks/Good luck.

Edit: I posted a version of this before and wondered "what does that little 'x' do?" and apparently it deletes ones own comment.  Rewrote as best I could.

At 5:30pm on December 30, 2014, Chris Mailing said…

I enjoyed working with you Julie.  Best of luck to you in your new role(s).  I wish you all the best in 2015.

--- Chris

At 1:08pm on December 30, 2014, Bill Nedza said…

Good luck, best wishes, congratulations, and may you have a fantastic 2015.  You're amazing, 

Take Care, Bill

At 1:05pm on December 30, 2014, mike w. said…

All the best, Julie! See you down the road...Don't be a stranger.

At 12:48pm on December 30, 2014, Bob Kastigar said…

Good luck and best wishes, Julie, in your future.  i know you'll only be off the bike temporarily and we'll see you on the road again.  Maybe with a baby carrier and it won't be long before that isn't necessary.


Thank you for all you've done for the Chainlink!

At 8:38pm on December 5, 2014, Matt M. 18.5KM said…
Congrats & good luck!
At 11:40am on November 25, 2014, Unicyclemike said…


Would you happen to have some time to talk about using ning's platform for the chain link? 

I'm looking into it as a possible tool for bike advocacy in Pittsburgh. / unicyclemike elsewhere on the inter webs. 

At 10:48pm on October 4, 2014, Nancy L. Fagin said…

Dear Julie,

I was looking at Craigslist and notice that someone listed over 100 bikes 312/709-2400.  Is this a shop?  That's a lot of  bikes.


At 2:56pm on September 11, 2014, Nancy L. Fagin said…

Dear Julie,

Adam Clark and I were having a talk about where stolen bikes go...I do a bit of metal scraping and see the pick up trucks with walkers, refrigarators, etc and bikes.  But I don't think those guys are into stealing bikes off the street.  I have yet to really ask any one of them directly, but they do clean out basements, warehouses spaces, old houses - we had one poor goy help us remove my mom's old, old stove down a porch and into his old truck.   They don't want to go to jail.  Anyhow - just thinking where they go and who's supporting their theft.

Nancy L. Fagin

At 11:49am on June 21, 2014, Nancy L. Fagin said…

Hi, Julie - we looked for you at the Bike to Work Rally - I must be going blind.  

I had the orange flag and caution/danger streamers on my trailer, I was hard to miss.


At 12:26am on June 21, 2014, Stephanie Sandhusen said…

Hi Julie - Your Dad is great !  I worked for the Noskins for many years as a dental assistant and we sent a lot of referrals to your Dad for oral surgery.  I did my CPR Training at his office in Skokie.  I love to bike, yet can't make the one downtown.  Unfortunately, I do not own a bike rack for my car.  I would love to do a ride up to the Botanic Gardens in Highland Park sometime.  I live in West Rogers Park.  Are you interested? Let me know.  I love to cycle.  I have A Road bike.


At 11:20pm on June 18, 2014, Stephanie Sandhusen said…

Hi Julie, Where is this event? Are you related to Dr. Bruce Hochstadter by any chance?

At 3:23pm on April 14, 2014, Marcy said…

Thanks for friending Jullie! Hope to ride with you soon!! 

At 11:56am on April 3, 2014, Jim said…


I could stop by NextSpace this afternoon to pick up the day pass if that would work. Or tomorrow.

At 6:21pm on March 24, 2014, KickStan said…


Thanks for the friend add and the heads up on the ticket pre

sale. I purchased my 2 on Friday.

At 11:33am on February 16, 2014, Christopher Wallace said…

Hi Julie, We will have a metal smithing / lug cutting art class at the Oak Park Arts League on Chicago Ave. Their Schedule is coming out soon. I will keep you updated

At 11:36am on January 31, 2014, Rich Scott said…

Hi Julie

Could I talk to you about bike mirrors for The Chainlink? We can make custom logo'd bike mirrors for you. Here's more info about our mirrors. They are made in the USA. They are very sturdy and stay adjusted. A Chainlink logo would look really cool on them. Call me 630-292-0044 or email me at if you're interested. Thanks....Rich Scott

At 8:05am on December 25, 2013, Kenneth C. Goetz said…

Merry Christmas Julie,  I also am a candidate for the wool jersey.  Suggest order form?

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