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Sharing the kit I keep under my bike seat to help others make similar.  Covers common needs from flats to medical to picnics.  Crafted from experience, comes to someone's rescue often (but don't ask me to change your tire).

That's (L>R T>B) spare tube, Everclear, bandage/alchwipe/AAAs/$, tire levers, pocketknife (w/ corkscrew/tweezer/...), wrenches, multitool, CO2 and adaptor, patch kit, chain tool, spoke tool, naproxen/pseudophed/albuterol/....

The wrenches cover common metric and English sizes optimized for compactness, had to find them online.  Finally, there's some spare electrical tape wrapped on a handlebar.  The most common situation I can't help is a second flat unless someone else has a pump.

The little tail light is not in use, but rather a spare I carry to giveaway to needy others.

I also almost always carry a small bluetooth handlebar sound system with its own cargo space, allowing me to also carry on-the-go charging capability for all phone types, rearview shades, a snack and stickers to share.

Between these, and a Divvy membership and Ventra card, and really good bike lights, I city ride full time with no worries.  Long distance however's another question.

There's other good threads on the topic reaching similar conclusions:

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Comment by Andrew Bedno on September 29, 2015 at 8:13pm

UPDATE: I now carry a much smaller stereo ziptied in the middle of the handlebars (usb charged with bluetooth but moreover an uSD slot filled with many hours of shuffle), and my current battery is much smaller and fits in the underseat kit.

I've built an Amazon list of much of my gear as it may be useful utility to others looking for good choice of lights, sound, power, and some of my other favorite cycling clothes and accessories:

Comment by Andrew Bedno on April 3, 2015 at 10:58am

I hear you Frank.  But it all packs unobtrusively.  In my particular case it's a two wrench minimum due to not having quick releases.  The Everclear is most optional ;)  Several items are *VERY* boyscouty just in case, but all cases have happened.  Most often I get heckled for the CO2 by people with Pannier pump space.
Mmmmm, pop machines.  I like the one on LFT near Waveland.  You may want to jump into one of the threads linked above...

Comment by Frank Brichetto on April 3, 2015 at 3:09am

Sorry, man, that's way too much for me. 

Everclear and meds in the same kit?  That doesn't sound like a happy ending...

And all those wrenches?  Geez, except for the flip-flop hub on one bike, all my bolts are now allen. 

Anyway, 1 tube, 1 tire boot, Park tire levers, 1 CO2 w/ adapter, 1 Park IB-1 multi-tool in the road kit.

Same, except a Park AWS-9 tool, and a peanut butter wrench in the commuter kit for the bolt on hub.  I only carry a spoke wrench after I've worked on wheels, and then only for about 100 miles. 

And I have my wallet, keys, cell phone in a separate bag in a pocket.  On long, solo rides I'll also carry $2.50 in quarters.  I've found that I can always find a pop machine and take in enough caffeinated sugar water to get home for $2.50.

That's all I need. 

Comment by Andrew Bedno on March 26, 2015 at 8:00pm

Updated photo and description.  I finally now also carry chain and spoke tools, though I've never personally used either, they would've helped a few times over the years.


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