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Kona Prototype Band Wagon stolen from Rapid Transit Cycleshop

Be on the lookout in Humboldt Park for "Roberto" who never returned from a test ride with this bike:

2011 53cm Kona Band Wagon back:

serial # F1105C0310.

The bike is Chrome Silver with white accents - it says KONA on the down tube

I confronted him riding it in Humboldt Park this evening at about 9:15PM just south of the Tennis Courts by California Street.

I asked him to give it back or otherwise we would get him charged with a felony. I tried to grab the bike, but wasn't going to fight him.

He took off north on Munoz Drive. He was wearing a black ball cap and a black shirt and had a small beard on the chin and a mustache. Dark hair and eyes.

Nick - Rapid Transit Cycleshop Chicago

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