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I have always prided myself on carrying the necessary equipment to fix my bike in the field. Nothing is worse than lugging your bike...broken, when you are far from home. I live in the city and our buses are fitted with bike racks, but that only takes the sting off a little. I remember my chain breaking and having to get on the bus...I'm sure no one noticed...but my pride was bruised.

I Blame myself

I could have gone the whole ride with only memories of the Lake front punctuated by my sore and cramped muscles. But..NOOOOOOO, I couldn't leave well enough alone.
I saw a portion of the lake front where large sections had the earth washed out from underneath large slabs of concrete. As the sections cracked and settled, they left areas at various angles too tempting to pass up riding over. Between the slabs were gaps that are uneven and  spread apart, resembling ramps. It was over one of these gaps I damaged my tire and received a "snake bite".

I shared an inventory of the bike tools I bring with me on my rides in the blog post "Bike tools...don't leave home without them". I used all but two(the chain tools) on my last ride.

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