On Saturday morning I did a quick ride down to the South Shore Country Club with Tamara, and as we got close to the Museum of Science and Industry we saw the cutest thing: the South Shore Kids' Triathlon. We rode through while the 7-10 division was racing, and it was so cool to see these little kids pedaling their hearts out on their mini mountain bikes, then later running and obviously exhausted. I wish we could have stayed and watched the whole thing.

As we passed by, a few thoughts went through my mind:
1) Cutest. Thing. Ever. I mean really.
2) This is reason number #187 why I love this city - in the summer, we're so active, even kids get into the triathlon scene
3) Good for these kids, but more importantly, good for the parents who encouraged them to get outside. I'd like to think that none of these parents were triathlon "stage moms," and I hope their kids' participation really reflects them wanting to do a fun outdoor race.

And finally, I wish we had that when I was younger. If I'd had the chance, I would have loved to do it and probably would have gotten into biking a lot earlier. Instead of playing volleyball [sigh].

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