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Jim "Niterider"
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  • Kenosha, WI
  • United States
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What I ride:
Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Cruiser, BMX, Recumbent
The kind of riding I do:
Recreational, Exercise, Commuting, Distance, Around Town
About me:
Being riding bikes since I was 6 years old. I live on riding. Own a bit of everything. I know I would rather be riding than surfing the net. On average I get about 20,000-30,000 miles a year biking since middle school. Most people think I am nuts. In the summer I log about 70-90 miles a day+/-. Usualy ride from February20-December 1st. Also enjoy diving, kickboxing, snowshoeing and weight training. My bio: 6' 1", 240 lbs, bald shaven head, scars, blue eyes. Leo. Most of my miles are rode at night. I work 3rd shift. So when most people are sleeping, I am up.
I like night riding since it gets rid of most run ins with people. Only negatives about night riding are constantly being stopped by law enforcement wanting to know what I am up to., animals crossing the road when you are going down hill at 30 m.p.h., drunks after bar time who should not be driving, and rude/crazy people at 7-11 who have never seen anyone in night-riding gear.
My likes: anything Italian-Sidi,Bianchi,Castelli,Campy, etc. Steel, Titanium, Aluminum frames, Cold beer, Jagger, Crown, Yukon Jack, pizza,pasta, beef,cheese. Dislikes: Things made in China, carbon fiber bike parts, poorly maintained bikes, bike theives. My best rides have been either going to Chicago/burbs or heading up North.

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At 9:56pm on February 27, 2010, Bailey Gene Newbrey said…
Glad to hear that all is well & you're still out riding around. I myself am quite ready for warmer weather too, although I've grown so accustomed to riding in the cold I can barely remember what it's like. Yes, I'm in Chicago now & still wrenching. I'm at Rapid Transit Cycleshop on North Ave. now. If you happen to stop by The Bike Shop anytime soon tell Tony Looney I say hello.
At 6:48pm on January 25, 2010, KatieP said…
At 9:40pm on January 22, 2010, Michelle Green said…
Err, baby steps. I met a guy last week who dislocated all of his fingers in a single fall going over a stack of logs 5 miles into a trail by himself. But that's not the reason I don't have a mountain bike yet... is it terrible that I'm just much more interested in exploring roads than trails? By bike anyway. That of course could change, but right now I'm stuck totally coveting road bikes and cruisers. I didn't think I'd be one of those people who has 8 different bikes.... but I want at least 8 different bikes.
At 10:16pm on January 21, 2010, Michelle Green said…
Somehow by the time I got over my "Bikes aren't cool" phase in high school, everybody I knew who rode was getting in pretty serious accidents, and that combined with the fact that I had four bikes stolen over the course of a few years just really convinced me that I did not belong on two wheels.

Then I moved here and was briefly dazzled by public transportation. Then I got annoyed. Then I got super jealous of people on bikes who never had to ride on gross trains and who still beat me downtown everyday. Then I made some bike friends. Then I got brave. Then I got a bike. I am reformed and revived.
At 8:54am on March 13, 2009, Wendy Gaddey said…
Hey Jim - unfortunately it wasn't me you saw on the Moots. I'll have to ask around who has that and wears Alberto's. I can't remember but I thought Anne Barnes from Turin imght have a Moots?? Anyway if I saw ya in the water in 35 degrees - I'd for sure cheer ya on then call ya psycho! haha I don't swim - I sink. There are so many health benefits from swimming - I wish I liked it - hate it - not sure why - but by the time I swim the lengh of a pool I'm hyperventilating! I've had people help me - it's just no use! Maybe one day. Yea we have been inside at the shop doing workouts - core stuff - sprints - multi-rider Computrainer workout - the whole bit. It's nice cuz we have a decent size group and it makes the time go by fast. There's a group of us heading to Mill Valley CA leaving tomorrow AM actually for a week of riding. I posted a couple pics from our trip there last year. Holy crap 3k miles is a lot! I'd be dead by the time summer came! So what is your ride of choice? I've got a Kestrel Evoke road, Redline CX, Klein mtn, & Giant track bike. Are you on Facebook? There are lots of pics out there of all of us at the shop - cool bikes the shop has built, etc. Do you commute from Kenosha to the city? What do you do?
At 1:02pm on March 5, 2009, Mia Kohout said…
Hey Jim,

I'm an A-B rider myself, never have tried mountain biking. I am one of the publishers of a magazine - Momentum. Check us out if you haven't heard of it
And I'm back in sunny and warm Vancouver right now. Ahhh :o)
At 1:34pm on February 20, 2009, Danielle said…
Hey! The calendars may have been on sale last night at the chainlink party, but if you didn't see them there, you can find them here: They're at a ton of bike shops in the city (you know, all the cool ones) including Rapid Transit. As far as my road bike, I don't ride it too much. It's set up as a cargo bike, and I use it going to the grocery store, and a little on the longer rides when it's nice to shift (Like the route to Blackstone bikes in Hyde Park).
At 4:09pm on February 10, 2009, Wendy Gaddey said…
Hello Jim! Well chances are we won't be at the shop @ 3:30am - but we are known to be there in the winter at 6:15am for our CompuTrainer workouts! Perhaps we could stash some Bloks for ya by the side door! ha Ahhh Franco - yes the one who's always eating something unrecognizable! Good guy!!! Well if you see us on the road - yell Niterider so we know who you are! :=)
At 9:53am on February 7, 2009, Vilda said…
Hey Jim, I rode the road bike which i don't think i like either. very different from my BMX or the destroyed MTN bike. Was thinking of doing the eat to ride today but don't think I'm up to it. ;-(
At 11:17pm on February 3, 2009, Jim Behymer said…
Hi Jim! The hat I'm afraid is one of a kind. My sister-in-law made it for me several years ago. She intended for me to be able to use it as a regular hat but my brother gave her a fairly inflated sense of how big my melon is. I just found out this winter how nicely it fits over my bicycle helmet. Anyway if you look like Blackbeard I guess that makes me what, Icebeard? I can live with that. :)

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