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Comment by bk (aka: Dr. Mambohead) on May 18, 2012 at 8:43pm
RoS... For me? A ride impelled. Turns out? Not so much of a ride one 'desires' to do... Weeks... Months out.... thinking.. Would I do it? In my own selfish shame and anguish?!? ok here goes.... I thought, here is a task that must be done. There is something more than people and cycles in that particular peleton... I mean... Just what do we stand for?

Here? I saw pure white light. I saw how we are together, always, dearest ones... how we are not alone... On this route I saw a stunning, gentle kindness that spoke to my usually half-numb, slumbering better-self. Means more than you'll ever be able to tabulate and/or tally. Thank you everybody. You do a good thing in this. Peace! -bk

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