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Post-Race Lunch at Barry-Roubaix

You are not alone. There are lots of cycling-related groups for women looking for advice, friendship, rides, social events, etc. In addition to these groups, you can also post questions on The Chainlink's Forum and check out Calendar of Events for local rides and events.

Black Girls Do Bike
Growing and supporting a community of women/girls who share a passion for cycling for function, fitness, freedom and fun. Seeking the "bike curious".

Tiny Fix
Tiny Fix started as a group of three female cyclists under five foot two, although we are quickly expanding our ranks. We like pretending we’re a miniaturized super hardcore bike gang and helping fun stuff happen. 

Women Bike Chicago
A grass roots group started by local women to encourage other women to ride bikes for recreation and transportation.

Women's Cycling Association
The Women’s Cycling Association supports the growth of Women’s Cycling worldwide by advancing policies with governing bodies and creating opportunities to develop new riders and grow the sport. 

Women Who Bike!
A Chainlink group started by blog, "Let's Go For a Bike Ride" author Dottie.

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