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Women's Cycling Resources: Bikes & Gear

Jennah Dunham in SheBeest Women's Cycling Apparel

Betabrand (bike to work clothing)
Bike-commuter clothing you can wear to work. They designed their Bike to Work line because "traditional cycling gear just doesn't cut it in the office."

Felt Fit Woman Road Bikes
Specifically engineered for the female cyclist, the ZW Fit Woman series boasts specific tube geometry with smaller cross sections to supply the female rider with a light yet stiff frame. 

Bike helmets, shoes, gloves and apparel.

Jamis Bikes
Owned by a woman and they have bikes specifically for women.

Juliana Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes specifically designed for women. Their bicycles are designed, tested and hand built in California with the help of their friends at Santa Cruz Bicycles.

Designed by owner Erin Rensink of Chicago, KoziePrery's cycling caps made from recycled materials are a local treasure. 

Liv Cycling
Liv is the cycling brand dedicated to women. Bikes (road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes) and gear specifically designed for women.

A celebration of the active urban lifestyle by offering bike, yoga and casual travel bags built for experiencing the richness of city life – and looking good while doing it.

Cycling clothing, skincare, publications, technology, events and travel.

SweetPea Bicycles
They design and builds bikes for women.

Ten Speed Hero 
Cycling apparel - kits, socks, and caps.

For over 30 years, they’ve been designing innovative bikes, saddles, apparel and accessories that fit mobilized women.

"Velocio is a let’s-look-at-this-differently brand. We ponder what’s possible for design, color, trim and fabrics, for the models in our marketing, for the final products we create, for the products that bridge across cycling into real world adventure, real world experience and real world performance."

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