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Women's Cycling: Racing Organizations & Resources, Local Clubs & Teams

Wanting to take your cycling to the next level? Thinking about racing? Looking for a team to join? In addition to these resources, be sure to check out The Chainlink's Calendar of Events for local training rides and races.

Racing Organizations and Resources 

Chicago Women's Elite Cycling 
A non-profit organization designed to support and develop top-level female cyclists in the Chicagoland area.

Illinois Cycling Association - Women's Racing

Illinois Cycling Association is dedicated to strengthening the representation of women on the roads, tracks, and trails of Illinois. 

Illinois Women Cyclists
If you are a woman who rides a bike for work, pleasure or sport (or all three), this is the page to meet other women with the same interests. 

Pretty. Fast.
We're bringing female cyclists together in an open, friendly environment. 

Local Clubs & Teams 

The Bonebell
The Bonebell Crew is made up of dirtbaggers who one day decided – “It’s time to get dirty!”

Chicago Cuttin' Crew 
The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew is a small team with a big heart. Named Division III Club of the Year by USA Cycling.

Half Acre Cycling  
Founded in 2007, Half Acre Cycling is an intimate group of dedicated cyclists who love racing and challenging theirselves yet still love the bike and their teammates when they’re not racing.

INTENT believes in racing for the joy, challenge and camaraderie that it creates. They also believe strongly in friendship & community for athletes and their INTENT teams provide a structure all of these great things to happen.

Kinky Llama Racing 
Kinky Llama Racing is a close group of cyclists who race for the love of the sport. We are about having fun while riding and racing, as well as off the bike. 

In addition to having a team, PSIMET, LLC is also heavily involved in promoting the sport of competitive cycling through hosting races, sponsoring a number of teams and specific riders.

Rapha Cycling Club 
The first cycling club of its kind, an active riding and racing club designed to create a global community of like-minded, passionate road riders.

Spidermonkey Cycling
Spidermonkey Cycling is an all-inclusive cycling club based out of Chicago. 

Skunkworks Racing
Skunkworks Racing is a competitive team of female mountain bikers based in Chicagoland. They are dedicated to racing competitively at mid- and elite-levels and growing our sport locally. They strive to create unity around women’s mountain biking through sportsmanship, community, and peer support. 

xXx Racing-Athletico Women’s Development Program
xXx Racing-Athletico is widely recognized as sponsoring one of the region’s largest and most accomplished women’s development teams. They welcome women from all cycling backgrounds, whether brand new to cycling or experienced racers.

Other Nearby Clubs and Teams

Koochella Racing 
The Koochella team represents women who are highly involved in the Minneapolis Community. Koochella supports women from the urban cycling community to the competitive field through education, encouragement and financial support.


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