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Where We At?  

Our new website was 100% funded by  you, The Chainlink Community! Click here for the story behind the website tune-up campaign!


Calendar upload feature has been fixed and mobile capability is being built.


Calendar plugin is being updated by original plugin developer.


Developer has fixed most of the bugs for team to start testing calendar. Report feature functionality fixed. RSS Blog Roll Page updated to correct layout and chronological order.


Report plugin options received and reviewing.


First round of bugs sent to developer for photos/media section.


Developer reported testing will start within the week or two for additional features including calendar functionality, photos and forums.


Set up email notification system.


Email notification verbage sent.


Second round of bugs sent to developer for new user set up and profile page.


First round of bugs sent to developer for new user set up and profile page.


First round of testing to find bugs tasked to launch team for the new profile page.


To prepare for launch a team of Chainlink members has been assembled and met to discuss the project.  


We got our first tour of the back-end of new website on wordpress today which was exciting.  The developers are continuing to build and integrate all the social network features and plugins we will be using. 


Developer sent links to the new live homepage, calendar, user profiles, forums and groups.  Content has not been moved over and and plugins have been built but not integrated yet.


Developer updated us that all systems are moving ahead.


And the new website header winner is....


Voting is open for the new website header and will run through Sunday, June 29 at 5PM)


All site features have been approved and necessary information sent to developer including member profile fields, forum, calendar, groups, photos, blog, member directory and messaging. Next steps when prompted include categorization of all forums and events.


The Homepage Header Design Contest launched and submissions will run through 5PM on Wednesday, June 18.


We have reviewing the final feature list and are collecting information that will need to be sent back to start full on development including hosting, RSS feeds, profile fields and the poll program to name a  few.


All pages have been approved. Next is an updated list outlining all design and features created during the design phase that will be used for development.


We received and proofed 3 of the last 4 pages needed to sign off on the graphic design portion of the project. Waiting on category landing page to proof.


The tool that will bring Ning users and content across to wordpress has been built.  We are waiting on the blog roll, homepage, events and category landing page updates to approve the designs. Once all graphic design approved, full development will start, which the developer estimates will be in the next couple weeks.


The design stage is almost done and all of you at the 10,000 member party saw a sneak peek of it. (See below for another updated view of the homepage!) Next comes development and last but certainly not least is migration.  If you want to be a beta tester, we'll do a shout out when we are ready for you!

Thank Yous

We will be highlighting in our newsletter awesome folks who contributed with products, expertise and money during our crowd-sourced campaign, The Chainlink Website Needs A Tune-Up!  We were in complete awe at the amazing giving power of Chainlinkers.

- Four special people who inspired and advised on the campaign from start to finish and after deserve the first very big and public thank you.  A huge hug of Chainlink gratitude is in order for Garth Katner, Melissa Simon, Frederick Lowe and Ilana (Schuman-Stoler) Harrow.
- We thank Josh Squire and Bike and Roll (they also manage the McDonalds Cycle Center). Their contribution got us to our goal just a couple days before our campaign ended.

- Our next contributor we'd like to thank is Lee Diamond of Big Shoulders Realty andChicago Velo. Not only did he contribute generously to the website fund, he has been a supporter  of The Chainlink  since almost day one with press release help, designing and printing Chainlink posters (with graphics by the amazing Ross Felten) and moderation, which is not always an easy thing on our site. He lives and breathes bicycles, community, architecture and real estate. If you haven't met him on one of his famous neighborhood architecture rides (see upcoming rides here), at one of the many bicycle-related events he's organized or had him help you find a home to buy (he has a full line of loaner bikes if you want to do a property tour by bike), you are missing out.  Say hi to him here.  (Full Disclosure: Lee is Julie Hochstadter's broker at Big Shoulder's Realty so if you hire Lee, Julie may help.)

- Today we thank Michael Keating of Illinois Bicycle Lawyers. He matched $500 raised by the community to get us to the $10,000 mark!
- Today we're thanking volunteers Lucas Seibel, Ronit Bezalel and Dubi Kaufman for their amazing film and editing work.  Watch the final product here.
- This week's new website thank you goes to Scott McIntosh and Mike Feirstein, co-owners of newly opened Ancien Cycles. This duo donated an Opus Classico bike during our online crowd sourcing campaign which helped fund our new website. Website updates are here.
- This week's The Chainlink Needs A Tune-Up shout out goes to Kathy Schubert who claimed the Matrix bike rack. For years Kathy has been a staple in the community and we thank her for her continued commitment to improving cycling in Chicago. For the latest on the website project, click here.
Current homepage design (not final, but getting there)


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