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Introducing Chainlink Photographers, SnowyMountain Photography

The Chainlink is thrilled to announce yet another fantastic addition (make that two additions) to our ranks of writers and photographers. The husband and wife team of Nathan and Morleigh Schneeberger (also known as SnowyMountain Photography) have been a universally-loved fixture at local races for several years. A former collegiate football player, Nathan practically has a diesel engine for legs. When he's not racing, he knows exactly where on the course to find the great photos. Morleigh, a marketing professional by day, is as adept at capturing the emotions of racing as she is friendly and fun to be around. We really look forward to working with them!

About Snowy Mountain Photography
SnowyMountain Photography is a collaboration between husband and wife, Nathan and Morleigh. It started as a side project, something for Nathan to do at races when he wasn't racing. He was new to the scene, and taking photos gave him a way to contribute. When Morleigh started coming to races, she began to pick up the camera because there was no one else to take photos when Nathan was racing. As it turns out, while Nathan was good at capturing the action, Morleigh (with her background in television and marketing) was able to capture the personal and human moments. In the beginning, you could tell his from hers. But after years of shooting together, taking turns, talking, and editing together, their styles (like their lives) blended. Their cycling photography captures excitement, passion, and emotion of the amateur Chicago race scene. They bring their camera when they travel, and their fine art photography brings the places they visit to life in new and interesting ways. They see things differently, and try to capture those idiosyncrasies in pixels. Their work has been featured in Road Magazine, Cyclocross Magazine, and Chicago Athlete. They are also a sponsor of the Barry-Roubaix, the world's largest Gravel Road Race, and the Chicago Cyclocross Cup.


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