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Epic Bike Story: What I Found on State and Madison by Kathy Schubert

I've been riding my bike near State and Madison several times a week at least for a long time.  One day a few weeks ago I happened to notice a man sitting in a wheelchair.  His head was bobbing up and down.  He had a sign that read "PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN.  I HAVE NERVE DAMAGE IN MY SPINE. NO SOURCE OFI NCOME. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. FOOD, CLOTHES, HYGIENE PRODUCTS. GIFT CARDS DONATIONS, EVEN SPARE CHANGE.HELPS ALOT!!! THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND HAVE A GREAT DAY! WHEN THINGS LOOK BAD ANY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A GREAT DAY SMILE IT COULD BE WORSE"

Having an infected spine myself, I felt empathy immediately and I reached into my pack for a $50 gift card to CVS.  I've sort of adopted this man almost 50 years old and that's not all.  

Across the street is a woman with a sign "I'M PREGNANT AND HOMELESS" and I've given her a backpack and some sandwiches although I have nothing in common with her. 

There's also the street artists on that corner and the next one.  It's getting towards the deadline for this contest and I can't get in all the details.  But if you pass the corners of State and Madison and State and Monroe, please patronize these vendors.


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