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Calendar Guidelines

Thank you for helping make the chainlink the central source for bicycle related events around Chicago! We hope for some enhancements in future revisions of the calendar software, but for now, the chainlink needs to ask for your cooperation in keeping the events column useful to the greatest number of users possible.
Please do:
-add as many individual events as you like
-use the comments section of your event to generate enthusiasm or answer questions about your event
-enter a separate listing for each event in a series, rather than a standing listing
-remember to invite the chainlink members, but use this feature prudently as it has the potential to bombard users' email if they have chosen to receive e-mail alerts (which we hope they have).
-remember to invite non-the chainlink members- this an easy way to give back to the chainlink as you introduce more cyclists to the site
-remember to include basic specific info regarding the wheres and whens of your event
Please don't:
-post a standing listing for an event series, such as a regular Saturday sale at a bike shop or a regular Sunday ride-- at present the events column has a maximum facing of 10 events, and it's demotivating for an event organizer to not see their event on the main page until the morning of the event because 3-5 spaces are semi-permanently occupied. Instead, please post a separate listing for each sale day, ride, or party. Exception: an event series which takes place contiguously over more than one day, such as a bike expo which runs Friday through Sunday.
-list your event as ending after 11:59 PM if you can avoid it. Unfortunately anything listed as ending at 12 A.M. or beyond will stay in the events column until 11:59 the next day, needlessly crowding out upcoming events. If you want to stress that your event will continue into the wee hours, it should suffice to say so in the event description.
-use the events column for the primary goal of promoting a commercial endeavor-- feel free to start a "Marketplace" thread in the forum to announce a sale at your bike shop or a bike-friendly rental apartment coming available.
Thanks for your cooperation and participation!

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