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Bike the Drive Free Passes for New Members and the Best Profile Pics

Thanks for participating! The contest has ended and we received a lot of great entries. Winners of the Bike the Drive passes are listed below. 

1. Aren't yet a member? What are you waiting for? Join now! We will pick two lucky winners from new members who join Chainlink between 5/14/15 and 5/19/15. 

New member winners:

  • Helen Lira
  • Stephen Fisher

2. Already a member? We will pick three of the best new profile pics on Chainlink that show your best bike spirit.* Change your profile picture between 5/14/15 and 5/19/15, submit your profile address to with the subject, "Check out my profile pic!". We will pick the three best new profile pics and provide passes on 5/20/15. 

*No nudity, profanity, etc. please. Pro tip: please avoid posting bloody profile pics. 

Profile picture winners:

Thanks to Gene Tenner, we had 2 extra passes to give away. Thanks Gene!!

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