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Let us liven up this group with some Velospace page sharing! MINE! :


They both look a tad different now : )

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Here's my '73 Raleigh Competition:

Here is my 1985 Nishiki Cresta GT touring bike, now a permanent resident of FL and my primary transportation, where a dear friend lets me spend some time away from winter. I bike to the beaches on roads with bike lanes and on the long Pinellas Co trail. Nice long rides 40-70 miles easy to do and always fun, but it appears few vintage bikes in the area. I will keep looking. 


Here's a pic of my '79/'80 Sekai 2700. I bought it from the original owner and gave it a complete overhaul. I replaced the brake levers with an NOS set, replaced the worn out Avocet saddle with a period correct white suede saddle and I replaced the barend shifters with clamp on DT shifters.



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