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I just bought a Campagnolo Gran Sport Crankset and need to buy a sealed bottom bracket for my set up. It will go on a 1973 Raleigh Competition (68mm bottom bracket shell, English threads). The eBay seller is trying to tell me it is JIS taper, but I'm not buying it. All contemporary Campys are ISO taper, right?

Give me some BB recommendations. Thanks, SlyRed

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Hi Sly,

I'm sure you've seen this:

Also, there is this discussion on one of the bike forums:

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I'm also attaching a 1983 Campagnolo cataolgue, just for kicks.


Between confusing posts, symetrical vs non-symetrical spindle length and JIS vs ISO taper I'm already wishing I would have bought an IRD clone of this crankset and I would have hard and fast specifications on what BB to use ;^(

I would assume it's ISO, considering a Campy crankset of that vintage would have been JIS only through some kind of custom machining. As for symmetrical or non-, your double chainrings would call for a non. Now, what kind of frame is this for and how are your BB cups threaded? :-) V-O has had the Italian threaded cartridge BB on sale for a while now.
1973 Raleigh Competition (68mm bottom bracket shell, English threads) Unless I get serious recommendations to do otherwise I'm going to buy a 115mm sealed BB.
Ah, yes. It did say that in your post, didn't it? oops. 115 sounds about right.


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