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Benefit Ride for some pretty sweet animals at a pretty sweet animal sanctuary

My vegan friend is organizing this. sounds uber fun. I'll be there.  Contact Gill for details and facebook info. Peace


2-Day Fox River Trail Benefit Bike Ride for Wedrose Acres

Date: Saturday October 8, 2011 to Sunday October 9, 2011

Location: Aurora, IL

Type of Event: Special

As a Recently converted Vegan Couch potato who just discovered the Joys of Biking, I wanted to ride a moderate distance ride & give back to our friend's Lovely farm animal rescue, Wedrose Acres ( , so this event was born. I refuse to raise funds for charities that test on animals so we decided to host a cruelty free event where we will ride the beautiful Fox River Trail starting in Aurora, IL(~35 miles each way) on an Awesome fall weekend (October 8 & 9) & raise $ to help our friend's rescue. We will have Vegan treats at pit stops along the route & we will couchsurf & have a Vegan feast on the nite following our first day of biking. The link is on Facebook for this event if you would like to see it. 
Gill Gillono 

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 708-582-3517


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Below is the link to the facebook event page



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