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My friend (nw burbs) and i (Ted) are going "exploring" taking photos tomorrie morning. Folks from the chicagoland area are invited. We're taking 1 car 1 bike rack 2 bikes. We have room for 2 other people to go WITH us, but if more wanna go,. we can meet up somewhere and ride.

So we're going to be visiting;
the abandoned highway in lagrange.
maybe some racing, riding around, ect..
Then to saint boniface church near chesnut and noble.
the brachs candy factory,. and perhaps a few other places.
Hopefully none have been demolished, if so, no biggy.
Afterwards, if we've properly avoided "trouble".
we'll probably hit up some joint and have a few brewskies :)
for more info
1-847-212-4470(my #)

be there or kindly be square, peace!

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