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My cycling team is spinning off a triathlon club this winter.

As large as Chicago's triathlon scene is, it does seem to be kind of compartmentalized -- more lone rangers here than in other cities. Some have suggested that this is because the lakefront path makes solo training safe and convenient.

But I wonder, if you are a member of a triathlon club, what has your experience been? And if you are looking to join one, what are your search criteria?

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Over 300 members strong.
First Wed every month at Fizz 6:30.
Thanks John, I know about CTC and it have heard good things about some of the clinics, etc.

We're looking to build a smallish group of <25 athletes with a focus on team training, racing, and coaching/clinics for novices. I've been on both big clubs and small, and have benefited from both. One thing the smaller group does is enforce accountability and help folks get through the winter. And it's a lot easier getting everyone in a room :)
I'm a student in the city, a former Cross Country Runner, enthusiast for biking and swimming, and a one time Sprint Triathlon competitor. With all that said, I am extremely interested in bettering my biking and swimming skills. If such a group were formed i would be more than excited about joining.
Thanks, and keep us updated about how this turns out.


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