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Are you going with a team? Self-supported? Or with a company like Pork Belly?

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"...more focused on the cycling." 

What sort of #$%@ is that? 

You owe me a beer, multiple beers....

I haven't done a week-long 500-miler since I was in my teens -- and that's a dim and fading point in time. A couple years of moderately ill health have brought me to a lifetime fitness nadir, so it's really nice to have a target to aim for. And it's a biggie: My wife and I will be doing the entire route this year!!!!

The plan is to go with a Pork Belly-type operation, though we have a contract to vlog our way through the week, so we may be able to finagle some RV-type accommodations... We shall see.

Any Chainlinkers who want to meet up on the route, please give me a shout: I'd love to interview you and get your take on RAGBRAI!

Myself and around ten of us from the Oak Park area are going.  Looking at renting an RV for the week.  Last year was my first year....I'm hooked!

Hi everyone, Bicycle Illinois is pleased to offer transportation service again this year for you, your bicycle, and your baggage from downtown Chicago to the start of RAGBRAI as well as from the end of RAGBRAI back to Chicago. We are proud to be an officially endorsed RAGBRAI charter service based within the city of Chicago. No one prides themselves on outstanding service more than our professional staff or can support you in Chicago better than us!

Let us take care of the driving for you and make your RAGBRAI experience the best one possible - right from the start! Before the ride, take advantage of socializing and relaxing with other RAGBRAI participants in a comfortable environment, while avoiding the stress of driving a long distance, which can leave you worn out and tired. After the ride, imagine being able to unwind and recover after a long week of cycling in our bus back to Chicago!

Our staging location at On The Route Bicycles in downtown Chicago is extremely accessible, and is centrally located to all public transportation options (trains, buses, airlines). Travelling with us is carefree and convenient no matter if you call home in the city, the suburbs, across the country, or around the world!

RAGBRAI is a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind cycling event, and we’re looking forward to helping you to make it a great adventure! Come join us this summer!

For more information please visit

WooHoo!!! Got my number! I'll be taking the bus with Bicycle Illinois; and use the trailers at RAGBRAI. I will also be hauling some of my items on a touring bike in order to train for a coast to coast ride next year.

I am riding for my first time. On my Brompton. My training is way down due to injury. I am getting a touch worried but I still can't wait to get going. Transport is by  Bicycle Illinois and then I am using Pork Bellys charter. 

If you see a middle aged guy on an orange Brompton wish me luck or call the sag van for me.

I will be there again this year, and I'll be riding with Team Curbside. It's going to be another amazing summer. I am taking the Shuttle Guys transportation (most likely) this year. See you guys all on the route!

I'm riding the last 4 days: July 22nd to July 25th. I'm driving up to Eldora and meeting some friends who have a support vehicle. 

I'm riding.  Also, I think I'm going to ride back to Chicago from Davenport if anyone wants to join me.  


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