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Hey all, 

I'm new to both Chicago (living in Ravenswood now) and gravel riding. So far I've explored the North Branch and Des Plaines trails. I've enjoyed them both immensely. Any suggestions as to how to go about finding more trails to bomb through?

Also, looking for some Sunday ride buddies if there are any takers

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Not a lot of gravel in Chicago. 
You can go out on illinois Prairie Path and get some crushed limestones path.

There are also some gravel rides that are happening in the coming months?

Pastry-bike-pastry just passed last weekend. 
I signed up for Gravel Worlds, in Lincoln, NE.

sometimes in May, i’m planning a chill ride on the IPP to Two Brothers, you’re  welcome to come.

This Saturday there’s a single track ride from Waterfall Glenn that starts at 8.

Agree with JustWill, not a lot of gravel around Chicago, usually need to get to the far west burbs for decent

routes, and I go to the Carroll County area but that's ~ 2 hours drive.

Michigan has some great areas as well



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