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This was previously mixed in with general comments, but I thought it needed to be its own topic.

Please feel free to post your own reports if you have taken a ride on the trail.  If conditions are great, please tell us.  If you see broken glass, downed tree branches or other issues, please share that info, too.  

Please include specific locations with any problem reports (such as "broken glass just north of 115th St.," so we can use that info for service requests to the park district or forest preserve district.

We hope that you enjoy your rides on the trail and that sharing info here will help.

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A limb has fallen across the trail north of 83rd street, trail is still navigable.

July 11: Good conditions. Park district crews at 2 different places. Generally, the maintenance is better this year. Much overgrowth and clutter has been removed. The oaks planted in April look well.

July 9: I enjoyed an evening jaunt with the Beverly Bike Club on the Trail.

Brian - Thank you for the updates!

For much of the summer, we've seen and gotten reports of minimal broken glass. The park district has been doing a good job of sweeping. We have a bit of tree overgrowth along the east side of the path between 107th and 111th, but it's not extreme. 

I got the following trail condition report today from Peter Taylor:

 I rode the trail from 105th thru Whistler Woods.  The trail was in pretty good shape.  Two places where glass crossed the trail but I could navigate in both cases.  The areas were between 122nd and 123rd, and between 127th and the Little Calumet River bridge on the rise to the bridge.  The Whistler Woods portion of the trail had quite a lot of tree debris on the trail. With more leaves falling a rider could lose the trail completely in some areas.

Other developments:  The picket fence on the Chicago side of the Little Cal Bridge has been completely removed.  Also, we worry about the 127th street crossing.  Mayor Emanuel has chosen a novel approach:  a speed camera just east of the trail.  I predict it will be very profitable. 

Note: According to a recent list of speed camera locations, the 115th St. crossing will also have one. I hope that it's successful in reducing speed and encouraging more drivers to yield to crossing pedestrians and bikes. I hope that the 127th St. camera has the same effects.

Conditions very good from 95th to 127th St; salted and probably plowed. In FPDCC properties Whister and Dan Ryan: no maintenance, all snow covered.

Vehicle tracks on the Dan Ryan Woods segment, probably police car. Also vehicle tracks on the trail originating from railroad property to the north. 

Thanks for the update Brian!

Wow, the south end was actually rideable? I'm surprised and impressed. Haven't seen Whistler Woods recently. The Dan Woods section has been snow covered in recent weeks. Some folks have been cross country skiing there. Good winter use of the trail when there's enough snow.

Does anyone else have recent trail condition reports?

I rode the entire trail on April 4. Some glass near 120th and 116th St; easily navigable. And no potholes.

On March 10, I rode from Dan Ryan Woods to 127th. Interestingly, the City segment was plowed and clear while the FPDCC property was wild. Walked my bike from 83rd to 91st in heavy 10 inch snow.

See you on May 17.

Many passes this week, more detailed observations:

Just north of 95th St, the brush is poised to grow onto the west lane of the trail this spring. 

Near 105th St, we have bushes matted down by winter storms that are encroaching on the trail, needs some workday love.

A pine tree beginning to overhang from private property, just south of 127th St. A slight duck suffices.

More glass has appeared, 105th, 116th 120th and then some. Streetsweepers are in high demand this time of year, let's be patient.

Finally: I actually saw a butterfly near 83rd St on April 8. Spring at last.

Rode Jan 19, on the way home from Slow Roll ride to Bog Marsh. Trail is salted from 105th to 119th. New street lights installed last fall.

On Saturday morning, the trail was mostly clear of snow from 91st to 87th and 91st to 95th, but still had snow north of 87th. I haven't seen it south of 105th lately.  Does anyone have a current condition report south of 105th?

Last week I rode the trail from 105th to Whistler Woods and back. There was a minimal amount of broken glass in a few locations. Overall it was pretty clean.  Had reasonable crossings at 127th St. thanks to the speed cameras. 

Beverly Bike Club rode the trail yesterday evening.

Needing vegetation cut back from the trail at the 119th street intersection.

Much glass south of 115th. And check the streetlights above, some glass looked white, like it was broken from the lamps overhead.


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