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Aim for the Sun Consortium, Inc, has been green for over 30 years and needs volunteers

ASC's methods have been wholistic from the jump and the founder and "it" girl is Malkah Hegel, Ph.D. Her first copyright became the Environmental Education Act and is registered as PEER, Program for Environmental & Ecological Reform. All who help ASC relaunch will be contributing to a wide range of Green and More jobs!!! Our innovative plans have the nations cyclists in the forefront!!!

ASC will be based in Rogers Park with a tiny office on the South Side. Local Roots, Local Focus, going global!! Among tools and material, over 30 years in the making is a resource, science, psychology, theology, etc., library. Many books out of print. We need help to load remaining items that have been at a UHaul facility 2125 Dempster, Evanston. Tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 13th, 2009. STUDENTS WHO NEED VOLUNTEER TIME - You Are Needed! The truck is half loaded, when finished, we need help moving about two rooms worth of boxes to 6807 N Sheridan, elevator building and the rest goes to S. Phillips. At a later date, any who are interested in setting up the library, there is plenty of time to offer!

While a truck was needed for the volume of property (education seems to be material intensive) a lot of cyclists in support of environmental/marine science education w/a strong community focus, ride along!

Anyone interested can just show up, call Malkah at 773-494-4080 (I plan to be in Evanston at 7am). You can join us there, here in Rogers Park and/or the S. Side. It took months of negotiations, culminating tomorrow because of management changes.

A website that needs to be back on the net should be found on the type

We have Pilot videos uploaded on You Tube under PEER, aim for the sun...clearly older, the purpose, etc. is relevant and innovations ready to launch.

We will be looking for a student board also. ASC about us!

I will not be checking email after 6am.

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