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Inspired by BQ, a couple of us in Madison are hosting an Unmeeting this summer. Chicago folks should come up for all the camping, hills, and gravel you can get in a weekend. 

Mark you calendars - Wisconsin iBOB Unmeeting - happening July 13-15. 

Here's a rough itinerary: 
Friday: Gather in Madison, geek out for a bit, and then ride about 45 miles to Governor Dodge State Park (or simply meet at the park).
Saturday: Choose a route that fits your fancy for a day ride from GDSP. 
Sunday: Another day ride, or return to Madison via rail trail. Possible brewery stop along the way.

Basically, we've set up the ride as an S72O from Madison to GDSP and back, but people are welcome to go directly to GDSP. 

Challenging routes from Governor Dodge will likely head west into the Driftless region; which is generally just ridiculously bucolic, while being quite hilly and full of great roads (both paved and gravel). The roads south of the park and the nearby unpaved rail trail provide equally nice options for flatlanders. We'll provide route suggestions via ridewithgps at a later date and will have photocopied paper maps available at the camp site. Otherwise, the ride is unsupported. 

More details on this blog. Hope some of you can make it! 

Formerly in Chicago, now in Madison, WI

*Oh, I wanted to mention that this is a family friendly event. And, the park has some excellent options for swimming, paddling, and hiking.

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Sounds great!

We still have a couple spots left at the campsites. Let me know if you’d like to tag along


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