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My 200K permanent route has been approved.
It's on the RUSA site if you are interested.
The route starts and ends in Naperville, IL, and goes down to Ottawa and back.

Eric Peterson

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I missed the entire season this year due to a terrible crash merely a week before the first 200K out of Delavan this spring. I was just recently (like, 2 weeks ago) released to ride again, your timing is outstanding.

Thanks again for putting in the effort to do this!
Glad to hear that you are back on the bike.
There's still time for some riding in 2010.
Still looking for my first customer on this route. I just rode it again yesterday, the 70 miles to Ottawa was great, however the 60 miles of NE headwind on the way back wore me down a little. The wind is usually the other way around.
There is still time to ride this as a daylight ride, I left just after sunrise, averaged less than 16MPH, stopped for 1h15m, and still got back with plenty of daylight left.

Finally, a route from the Chicago area. I can't find the route on RUSA. can you post a link?
From the main RUSA page, click on Permanents then click on Permanent Search.
This will bring you here. Then select IL in the Starting location and look for the Fox Valley Permanent.

I also maintain a webpage for this ride.

Mike Guess just became my first "customer" for the Fox Valley Permanent, riding it today in pretty cold temperatures.
Congratulations, Mike!

Congratulations Mike! If you're inclined, you'd have an audience for a ride report.

Eric P, I haven't forgotten about this - I'm not feeling fit enough from my layoff, and I'm looking for time. I intend < 2011 though! And thanks again for putting it all together!


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