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updates and conditions for North Branch Trail

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It is the new section, just East of the Cicero underpass

Question on forum: Does anyone know if portions of the North Branch Trail, particularly portions north of Glenview Road? Or, is there a website run by Cook County (not likely given their general disorganization) that publishes closures? I've been unable to find any info.

On Sunday it was flooded north of the Lake Ave. bridge - haven't been on it that far north since then so I don't know the current condition at that point.

Check out #bikeCHI  @bikeCHInorth on Twitter.

Reporting on  conditions, mostly Northside Trails. ✸Lakefront Trail:  ✸North Branch Trail: ✸NShore Channel:  ✸

The new extension is clear.

Does anyone know the conditions of the north branch trail? I know the snow has all melted but winter can leave it in ruin.

I rode out there today, from Foster to Devon.  It was in good shape.  Some mud spots in place.  They seem to be doing work on the path along the river in Gompers Park which is linked to the trail entrance at foster. 

I rode last night from Howard up to Tower. It was completely clear. Although I did see a few deer with some sharp ended antlers...

I am planning to ride south to LaBagh Woods tonight. I realize someone mentioned the south end extension, but can someone confirm the paved trail is complete to LaBagh?

Paved through LaBagh and ends at Chicago Park District's Gompers Park on Foster Ave.

It was flooded there last week, about June 25-29.  How are conditions starting with the week of July 2, 2018?



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