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This Discussion is to provide up-to-date information regarding the Major Taylor Trail. When you ride it, please provide a brief report here.

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For much of the summer, we've seen and gotten reports of minimal broken glass. The park district has been doing a good job of sweeping. We have a bit of tree overgrowth along the east side of the path between 107th and 111th, but it's not extreme. 

I got the following trail condition report today from Peter Taylor:

 I rode the trail from 105th thru Whistler Woods.  The trail was in pretty good shape.  Two places where glass crossed the trail but I could navigate in both cases.  The areas were between 122nd and 123rd, and between 127th and the Little Calumet River bridge on the rise to the bridge.  The Whistler Woods portion of the trail had quite a lot of tree debris on the trail. With more leaves falling a rider could lose the trail completely in some areas.

Other developments:  The picket fence on the Chicago side of the Little Cal Bridge has been completely removed.  Also, we worry about the 127th street crossing.  Mayor Emanuel has chosen a novel approach:  a speed camera just east of the trail.  I predict it will be very profitable. 

Note: According to a recent list of speed camera locations, the 115th St. crossing will also have one. I hope that it's successful in reducing speed and encouraging more drivers to yield to crossing pedestrians and bikes. I hope that the 127th St. camera has the same effects.

Our next meeting is next Wednesday 2/19. Click here for info. Please join us!

We're doing a tree planting this Saturday morning 5/24. If you're interested in helping to improve the trail, please click here for more info and to register.

Last week I rode the trail from 105th to Whistler Woods and back. There was a minimal amount of broken glass in a few locations. Overall it was pretty clean.  Had reasonable crossings at 127th St. thanks to the speed cameras. 

As of Sunday 4/19, there were minor patches of broken glass around 107th and 111th, but the trail was mostly clear from 105th to about 114th.  The going is tougher from 114th to 127th.  We've reported it to the park district. Hopefully they'll get the glass cleaned up by the weekend.

Trail workday on Sunday 5/3.  Click link below for details:

We've been getting reports that conditions are generally good, except at the usual trouble spots - street crossings south of 105th, especially at 119th and 120th thru 124th.

Come ride the trail on 10/3, when we're going to Whistler Woods to help Friends of the Forest Preserves at a habitat restoration workday.

I rode the trail this morning from 105th to 111th. VERY clean - only a few little bits of glass. Noticed the new LED lights.  :)  Might be taking advantage of those tonight.

We have a trail workday TOMORROW - Saturday morning - from 9 a.m. to noon.  We will be cutting back brush along the trail between 127th and the river bridge to minimize the problem of overgrowth later in the year and improve riding conditions in this area.
There will also be an Earth Day festival happening at Whistler Woods just south of our location.
Please click on the link below to get more detailed info and to register so we know how many people to expect. Even if you can't attend for the whole event, please register. It helps lot so we can have adequate tools, etc.

Today I rode from 105th to 119th. The trail surface was pretty clean. Bits of broken glass were pretty rare.

Trail workday on Earth Day 4/22: 

Please click on the link above to get more detailed info and to register so we know how many people to expect. Even if you can't attend for the whole event, please register.

If you're interested in observing nature along the trail and would like to share your observations, you might want to check out the iNaturalist app for your smart phone. 



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