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This Discussion is to provide up-to-date information regarding the Desplaines River Trail. As you ride it, provide a brief report here

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Trail conditions were good on Saturday May 11 from Oakton north to the North Shore Bike Path.  All underpasses were open and there were only a few mud patches left.  All trees blocking the path had been removed.  There were some ruts and flood damage left over so use a bit of caution and keep an eye out.  

Good on Sunday May 19th from Foster to the Milwaukee crossing near Allison Woods. A few bone shaker ruts, but the hardest riding was through the excess if screening on the path at the overpass of the Kennedy.

If anyone comes across the U part of the U-Lock, I lost it somewhere north of Allison Woods. This is what I get for riding a hybrid bike on this bumpy part of the path.  The trail is in great condition once you get north of Lake-Cook Road.

Any updates on the condition of the trail?

Anyone have any updates on DPRT? Comrade is organizing a ride and was asking about trail conditions

I rode the DPRT north from Dundee this morning. The underpass at Deerfield RD was open but was closed a week ago. The river's water level was right at the level of the trail today. Continuing north the trail was rutted in areas from water running through. The first trail closure sign I saw was near Estonian Lane. It looked ok to me so I continued. Another closure sign popped up around Lincolnshire. I figured that if I kept going, the underpass at 60 would still be underwater. It was not passable earlier this month though it is easy to continue north if you cross 60 east of the bridge. So I turned around and decided to ride road instead.
I am not sure if I would organize a ride until the closed trail signs are removed. YMMV. I will try to update in a week.
I almost forgot - the mosquitoes are real nasty out there.

I've ridden out to the DPRT at Rt. 176 a few times over the last few weeks (via North Shore Trail).  Here is a picture shortly after all of the rainfall (7/15). 

Here is a picture from 7/30.  Still some water on the trail, but maybe passable.  I didn't venture onto it--seemed like it would mostly be a horrific mess of mud and mosquitos. 

I was out toward the central/north part (north of rosemont, south of Central) last Sunday and it was pretty dry and fine (mosquitoes) but I'm wondering if anyone has any odds on how southern portion will be tomorrow? I'd like to get out while all the cool kids are tearing up Palos ;)

DPRT north from Dundee was great this morning. The water is down a foot or two from last week and everything is open except for the underpass at 60 which has been underwater all summer. Easy to bypass by going east and crossing 60 when it's safe.

Anyone have updates on conditions?

DPRT was great yesterday. The Deerfield and Rt 60 underpasses were open. The river is low. The best time is early morning when you will have the trail to yourself.

Thank Alan for the 2019 update.  With the floods this spring I wondered about trail conditions. Based on your reports I did a metra-bike-metra trip from the loop. I biked from Libertyville to Winthrop Harbor, Wednesday August 7, 2019.   DPR was wonderfully maintained and dry.  I plan to repeat the ride again this year.


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